Mandiri Inhealth has been named the Indonesia Trusted Company 2019 again

Mandiri Inhealth President Director Iwan Pasila (center) when receiving the 2019 Indonesia Trusted Company Award presented by Chairman of the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Governance G. Suprayitno (left) and Editor in Chief of SWA magazine Sujatmaka (right) at the Shangri-La Hotel , Jakarta, Wednesday (11/12). The Trusted Company predicate was once again won by Mandiri Inhealth based on an assessment of the Corporate Governance Perception Index (CGPI) with the theme "Strengthening the Business Platform in the GCG Framework". The assessment aspects of the CGPI 2019 include the analysis of instruments and documents, the stages of observation through executive exposure and discussions with Company Organs. The weighting results obtained according to the expert panel (expert panel) using the ANP (Analytical Network Process) method and produce weight distribution for aspects of the assessment of governance structures by 34.73%, aspects of the governance process by 32.13%, and aspects of governance results manage by 33.14%. Inconsistency data from 11 respondents: <0.1

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