Partnership Mandiri Inhealth-EMC Tangerang Hospital Provide Lounge Special Participants

Tangerang, August 24, 2022 - PT Asuransi Jiwa Inhealth Indonesia (Mandiri Inhealth)
provides a new service in collaboration with Tangerang EMC Hospital, namely
Mandiri inhealth Lounge, a special waiting room for Mandiri Inhealth customers. Program
The inauguration of the Mandiri Inhealth Lounge was held in a special Lounge for Mandiri participants
Inhealth, which is located in the Main Lobby of EMC Hospital, Tangerang, Wednesday (24/8).
The inauguration of the Mandiri Inhealth Lounge at EMC Tangerang Hospital was carried out by the President Director
Mandiri Inhealth Budi Tampubolon with EMC Healthcare President Director Jusup Halimi
and Director of Tangerang EMC Hospital, Dr. Clara Pelita. This synergy is the effort of both parties
parties to provide optimal services for Mandiri Inhealth Participants.
Mandiri Inhealth Lounge is expected to provide optimal service, this is
in line with Mandiri Inhealth's commitment to always present
ease and convenience of service for all Mandiri Inhealth Participants, excellence
in this Lounge is the availability of a Personal Assistant who will help the Participants
Mandiri Inhealth in the entire administrative process for treatment or
healing at the Tangerang EMC Hospital.

Mandiri Inhealth berizin dan diawasi oleh Otoritas Jasa Keuangan

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